Android Collection Page

Smartphones are internet enabled Cell Phones/Mobile Phone.

My Empire Players can access a Smartphone enabled Website to allow them to Collect Tax, Resources and receive some Notifications, such as Gift from the Gods. Players can also hire a Tax Collector, and Ask for Gifts such as Rare Goods. The site will also display countdown Timers for both Tax and Resources when active, as well as Coins, Fame and Level.

Accessing the site for the first time will allow players to obtain a PlayFish Coins only item, such as Statue of Poseidon. The site can be access at and will require players to log in to their Accounts.

Down to the coding of the site, the Device must support AJAX and XHTML. The currently known Devices that can use the Smartphone Site, are Apple's iOS devices (which are iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad,) and many Android and Blackberry Devices. Some Nokia Smartphones, such as 5800 & N8, have been been stated accessing the site.

Some Devices will pause the count down when on standby, and will require a page refresh to access.

It is not recommended to access the both the PC site on a PC at the same time as accessing the the smartphone site, as both sites do not automaticly update each other.

While the site is Free, however Operator charges will apply where applicable.