Visiting neighbors chart

Neighbors are facebook friends that have accepted a Neighbor Invitation from you and are now in your Neighbor list.

You receive Coins the first time each Day you visit a neighbor.

Base Rate (no Market Bonus)
1st Neighbor 2nd Neighbor 3rd Neighbor 4th Neighbor 5th+ Neighbor
250 200 100 50 10

The payout curve declines as you visit more and more neighbors, giving you not much for visiting a 5th neighbor or more.

You may improve this payout by building a Market and through Research unlocking higher level Markets.

Town Market City Market Royal Market
Research Bargaining Currency Trade Routes
 % bonus 10% 30% 70%

You may send Rare Goods to 30 neighbors each Day for free.

You may receive at most 30 assists from neighbors to build Free Buildings each Day.

3 neighbors may assist you at receiving 1 Speed up each Day.

There is some evidence that having more than 41 neighbors will actually hinder you finding Camels, instead of making it easier.