My Empire city.

My Empire is an internet social game set in historical Rome and developed by Playfish. My Empire was released in beta on May 10, 2010. The game was initially launched on Facebook and has been ranked as among the most popular Facebook applications (with 6 million monthly active users). Players can choose what buildings to add, what decorations to use, and even visit friends and bring gifts to them. Instead of lots of clicking to collect money as with farm games, you grow your Housing Capacity and Happiness to increase your Taxes. The more you build, the more your Empire's Fame grows, leveling your Empire, unlocking new items for building and clearing more Wilderness. The game's genre is City Builder, Historical, Isometric View with a few of its features related to Sim City, Caesar 3 and Pharaoh. (the last two are Titled Mill titles.)


My Empire tries to maintain its popularity by launching new purchasable (both Coins and Play Fish Cash) items to the Build Menu every week, and attracts new users through its long continued efforts to stay updated, bringing new features such as Wonders and Camels. Currently, My Empire contains the following areas under the Build icon:

  • Decorations may be put into Storage and saved until they're wanted again.
  • Wonders – Large Footprint buildings that are unique. You may delete and rebuild them, but you may have only one of each Wonder present in your entire Empire.

History of My EmpireEdit

Since its launch on May 10, 2010 Playfish has managed to regularly update the game with new releases and additions.

"The most challenging aspect of working on My Empire has been deciding which of the many exciting features to add. We had so many ideas that we really had to pick and choose what to do each day. The good news is we have many ideas for new features in the future and we hope you’ll be enjoying them with us!" --June 6 2010 Interview


My Empire, thanks to such great support from Playfish, has continued to grow in Monthly Users and has received multiple positive reviews. Given the success of other Playfish titles and the continuing support with new upgrades and releases they give to their titles, the title should continue to grow in interest for some time. Many people want to have a sell function and now the idea is being processed.


My Empire was rated one of the top 10 releases of 2010 by [Inside Social Games]

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Early Interview of plans on future development in My Empire