Goals in My Empire are largely self-chosen. Most players follow this route:

1) Get through the Tutorial.
2) Add Housing and Decorations until your Capacity and Happiness are above 1000.
3) At level 6 build the Barracks and start gathering Soldiers to conquer Volcano Island.
4) At level 8 build the Academy and then do Research to upgrade both the Hall and the Market as high as possible to increase coin income.
5) Use the Academy to upgrade the Mill, Quarry and Mine.
6) Visit all Neighbors each Day to find Camels, which provide even more Resources and increase coins by trading with your neighbor.
7) Continue to gather Fame to level up and reduce Wilderness (up to level 31), for more building area on the home island --not that you need it with the other islands you've conquered.

Most Players will complete the Stonehenge Wonder and then delete it (It's okay, you can always rebuild it again). After level 31 My Empire becomes somewhat of a "Sandbox" game where players are no longer directed by missions or quests, but free to come up with their own personal goals.

Players will typically try these different personal goals:

  • Make the happiest city possible. Your "People" icon will get a heart over it with enough happiness.
  • Layout the most eye catching city, with lots of Decorations.
  • Build a city only of Village level buildings, or Town, or City, or Royal.
  • Build all the Free Courts and Temples they can.
  • Increase population to higher levels, even though the reward is very small above 1000.
  • Build all the Wonders that are interesting to them, or perhaps all Wonders possible.
  • Build vast estates of agriculture, with small huts to work them.