Royal mill

The Royal Mill

Royal quarry

Royal Quarry


Royal Academy


The Academy icon

Royal mine

Royal Mine


The houses are Functional

The Functional buildings are found under the Build icon and are the first buildings all players should add to their city. Many of these buildings are built as part of completing the opening Tutorial. (The opening tutorial also requires building the Village Baths (for Happiness) too).

The rather expensive Rare Goods Pit

This Functional menu includes the Mill, Quarry, Mine, Barracks, Academy, Market and many kinds of Housing to increase Capacity to 1,000 or more. The Rare Goods Pit is also a Functional building. Functional items do not boost Happiness.


Housing increases Capacity. There are 5 types of Housing: Hut, Lodge, House, Mansion and Noble (Noble Hut, Noble Lodge, etc.). Houses all have a 4 by 4 footprint. Capacity needs to be balanced with Happiness, so it is important to buy Happiness items as well as Housing.


See main article Academy

Mill, Quarry and MineEdit

You are currently only allowed to build one of the Mill, Quarry and Mine. These are all Resource producers, and will be built as part of completing the opening tutorial. It makes sense to Research upgrading them.