Receiving a bonus from the camel.


Sighting the camel

Camels appear randomly in front of neighbor's Halls the first time you visit them each Day. They also appear to have two merchants in front of them too. While which neighbors will have camels at their Hall appears to be random, the total number you can claim appears to be 1 camel for every 5 neighbors, to a maximum of 9. It is believed that having 41 neighbors will achieve this, and having more than 41 neighbors just makes it harder to find the camels you have. Apparently having 150 neighbors can be make this very difficult indeed.Camels will appear in front of any type of hall, though it might have a less chance to find one in front of a Village Temple although there have been reports of camels appearing more in lower level people's halls.

Clicking on the camel before the June 29th update would randomly give you a Village Level Resources of Driftwood, Stone, Bronze or 50 Coins. As of the June 29th update this has been raised to 125 Coins and any level resource may be produced.